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Everything you need to know about Therme Bucharest Elysium

What is Therme Bucharest Elysium?

Therme Bucharest’s Elysium zone offers a unique relaxation experience. It features 10 saunas, including 6 themed ones like the Himalayan, Alhambra, and Hollywood saunas. Visitors can unwind in the panoramic indoor mineral pool and savour Thai cuisine at The Mango Tree restaurant. Elysium also provides indoor and outdoor relaxing spaces, as well as Aufguss therapies. It is reserved for adults and is not accessible for children, ensuring a serene environment.

Attractions at Therme Bucharest Elysium

Therme Bucharest Elysium Alhambra sauna

Themed saunas

Elysium's 6 themed saunas offer spaces for relaxation and detoxification. Visitors can unwind, release stress, and experience a purifying sweat session.

Therme Bucharest Elysium outdoor lounge


Between treatment sessions, visitors can relax and watch the sunset from the outdoor lounge, unwind in the panoramic indoor lounge, or enjoy infrared therapy in the Flower lounge.

Therme Bucharest indoor pool

Indoor pool

Visitors can enjoy a relaxing soak in the Se & Zn indoor pool, whose waters are enriched with selenium and zinc and have many beneficial properties for the skin and the body.

Therme Bucharest Elysium Calla shower

Calla shower

After a sauna session, visitors can take an invigorating shower to encourage blood circulation. The water falls from a shower shaped like a bouquet of huge Calla lilies.

Therme Bucharest Elysium massage

Treatments & therapies

The Elysium zone offers many therapeutic massages, Aufguss rituals, infusions, and beauty and wellness treatments for visitors to pamper themselves with.

Pool bar at Therme Bucharest Elysium

Restaurant & pool bar

Visitors can enjoy an elegant meal at Mango Tree restaurant, which specializes in creative Thai cuisine, or relax with a cocktail at the Se & Zn pool bar.

Please note: Visitors to Therme Bucharest’s Elysium zone can also access all the facilities in the Galaxy and the Palm areas.

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Rules at Therme Bucharest Elysium

  • Children under the age of 14 years are not allowed inside the Elysium zone.
  • All visitors have to wear a swimsuit and flip flops, and carry a towel with them at all times when they are in the Therme Bucharest Elysium zone.
  • Visitors must carry the electronic access bracelets provided at Therme Bucharest on their person throughout their visit.
  • People who cannot swim can only use the pools when they are accompanied by another adult who can swim.
  • People with disabilities or special needs have to be accompanied by an adult throughout their time at Therme Bucharest Elysium.
  • Pets are not permitted inside Therme Bucharest Elysium.

Frequently Asked Questions about Therme Bucharest Elysium

Where can I buy tickets for Therme Bucharest Elysium?

You can book your tickets for Therme Bucharest Elysium online. Purchasing tickets online is easy and convenient. You can avoid standing in long lines and your entry is guaranteed upon confirmation of payment.

How much do tickets for Therme Bucharest Elysium cost?

Tickets for Therme Bucharest's Elysium zone start from €24.15.

What are the opening hours for Therme Bucharest Elysium?

Therme Bucharest Elysium is open from 10 AM to 11 PM on Monday to Thursday, from 9 AM to 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday, and from 9 AM to 11 PM on Sunday.

How long can you spend at Therme Bucharest Elysium?

You can spend 3 hours, 4.5 hours, or a full day at Therme Bucharest Elysium depending on the ticket you purchase. A ticket for the Elysium zone allows you to access the Galaxy and Palm zones as well.

What facilities does Therme Bucharest Elysium offer?

At Therme Bucharest Elysium, visitors can indulge themselves in themed saunas, relaxation lounges, an indoor mineral pool, Aufguss rituals, massages, various beauty and wellness treatments, a Calla shower, a restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine, and a pool bar.

Are children allowed in Therme Bucharest The Palm?

Children below the age of 14 years are not allowed inside the Elysium zone.

What is the best time to visit Therme Bucharest Elysium?

You can visit Therme Bucharest Elysium at any time of the year. But the months from April to September are the best time to visit it.

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